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Lord Series 3phase Modular UPS 30120kVA

The Modular UPS Lord is designed for high-density computing environments, the frame is compact and suitable for scalable installation of Power Modules 15kVA 3phase. The UPS cabinets are available in 30kVA and 60kVA power capacity with internal batteries, or 120kVA with external battery cabinet.

The decentralized parallel architecture is based on independent safe swappable modules, each module includes the entire UPS hardware and software, eliminating all common parts which are potential single points of failure.

The power module is achieved by combining the double conversion technology, an individual charger and static transfer switch. The Lord power module is fully redundant and independent. The rectifier is a PFC converter built in IGBT technology for low impact source, the total input current distortion is less than 5% in all load conditions and the input power factor is unitary; each power module has the own internal charger.
The inverter is built in IGBT technology with high frequency PWM control for low audible noise.
This solution is the perfect application to feed Data Centre, Hospital utility, Bank Systems and auxiliary devices for critical industrial plants.

The hot-swap modular technology allows operate for maintenance without any load transferring on mains assuring all the operation safety for the most critical load, it becomes important for the site where the load shutdown means economical troubles or safety risks.

The MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) is less than 3 minutes.

The Lord-60 has internal trays suitable for internal battery which allows to energize the typical load for more than 10 minutes, therefore for typical backup time the system doesn’t need any external battery cabinet saving cost and space. For longer autonomy the common battery bus will be connected to external battery cabinet.

The frame has integrated all common disconnectors as input, output and bypass maintenance, the individuals input breaker and battery fuse holders for modules are integrated in the cabinet as well.
  Technical Features
  • Alphanumeric display complete with all the UPS control functions
  • Complete and independent 15 kVA power module
  • High efficiency at all load levels
  • Internal battery up to 60kVA
  • Replacement of the fault module, witho no supply interruption (Hot swap)
  • Power increasing simply by adding a module unit THDi < 5%
  • Communication system SNMP, AS400, relay card, Modbus.
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