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The EXIMPOWER SMK 01-45 voltage stabilizer is a single-phase product, from 1,2kVA to 45kVA, belong to the electromechanical series with electronic control.

They provide a perfect constant single-phase output voltage completely independent from any variation of the input voltage within the accepted voltage range.

The stabilisation of the output voltage is not affected neither by eventual harmonic distortion present in the mains nor by the value and load power factor; the output power distorsion is very low (less than 2%) and the total efficiency is very high.

The SMK from 1,2-15kVA is provided with lamp indicator as standard, all the other sizes have analog voltmeter as standard; digital voltmeter and amperemeter or power analyzer can be installed as option.
  Technical Features
Input Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Load Variation Range: 0-100%
Output Voltage Accuracy: +/- 1%
Max Overload: 150% / 1min
Load Power Factor: 0-1
Efficiency: ‹ 98%
Waveform Distortion: ‹ 0,2%
Speed Regulation: ‹ 20msec/V
Cooling: A.N.
Ambient temperature: -10 : +45 C
Relative humidity: ‹ 96%
Colour: RAL 7035/7028
Protection: IP 21
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