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Adopting the rack type design, can provide the better power source environment for the load, including regulate voltage output range, frequency range, input miscellaneous noise filtration, as well as the transfer time of main and battery modes and so on various aspects.
The RC series innovates software program control mode, not only the volume reduces, can cause the failure rate to reduce greatly, which effectively improves the power security and the reliability.
It suits to be applied all kinds of precision instrument system, network system, as well as equipment which is important or having strict request to electric power.
  Technical Features
  • 1. Rack design aims at pivotal equipment, providing much more flexible and reliable protection.
  • 2. using high reliable parallel redundancy technology realizes N+1 parallel redundancy function.
  • 3. True on-line design, pure sine wave output without pollution.
  • 4. Adopts the high frequency and IGBT technology, the overall efficiency and reliability of the machine are improved, with small volume and light weight.
  • 5. Intelligent CPU design, adopt PFC power factor correction, PFC =0.98, zero transfer time.
  • 6. Intelligent local and remote monitor capability with RS232 port, and compatible with SNMP.
  • 7. Self-diagnosis and protection function, strong load resistance capability, peak value of current and short circuit protection design.
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