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With true double-conversion design, PCP series provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. It can accept wider input voltage for harsh environment. It's perfect protection for your precious servers and workstations.
  Technical Features
  • DSP control,with excellent performance and comprehensive protections for load and UPS
  • Output power factor 0.9, offering more stronger load capability;
  • Intelligent fan speed control, with 4 levels varying according to load and temperature;
  • Wide input range, support any kind of generator;
  • Dual input AC source supportable
  • EPO (emergency power off)
  • Event log up to 100 events, recording UPS running time and critical memories;
  • High efficiency (ECO mode) option
  • Intelligent N+X parallel redundancy, up to 6units
  • AC and cold start function
  • Human friendly large LCD, with plenty operation information
  • Conformal coating PCB for more critical operation environment
  • 3:1phase and single phase easy convertible (10-20Kva)
  • Multiple communication ports (optional)
  • Frequency converter mode (input 50 Hz, output 60 Hz OR input 60 Hz, output 50 Hz)
  • Most advanced 3 electrical level inverter, for 15-20kva;
  • Very low failure rate and easy repair (MTBF>80000h, MTBR<0.5h)
  • Intelligent 10A charger (optional)
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