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MP series power capacity range from 100-120-160-200 kVA three-phase models and uses double conversion online technology (VFI) with an isolation transformer on the inverter output.
The load is powered continuously by the inverter with a filtered, stabilised and regulated sinewave supply. The input and output EMI filters considerably increase the immunity of the load to mains disturbances and surges.
  Technical Features
  • UPS system modularization design, N+X redundancy
  • Strong load applicability and ability and strong power system applicability
  • Green energy conservation power: complete machine efficiency over 95%
  • Input power factor more than 0.99, and input current harmonic less than 3%
  • Power module double DSP controller disposing, module independent control
  • Rectification, inverter, charge, and discharge realize the DSP numerical completely
  • Use the integration to seal the IGBT module
  • Large screen man-machine contact surface, rich information content
  • Entire digitized module parallel technology, extremely good circulation target
  • All circuit wafers use the water-stain-dust-proof craft.
  • Redundancy intelligent frequency controlled fans with low nose and energy conservation
  • The system cabinet interior integration electrical power distribution system installment facilitates extremely, and saves the user investment Remarkable generator match performance.
  • It can start by battery DC (cold start), convenient for operation.
  • All circuit wafers use the water-stain-dust-proof craft.
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