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Eximpower Livid is a tower online UPS with double conversion, that can deliver clean, safe and regulated power supply to protect your critical mission equipment, so as to safeguard your valuable equipment and critical data from any abnormal power disturbances, such as surges, blackouts and lightning strikes. Livid UPS power capacity is available from 1kVA to 3kVA 1/1 (1/1 stands for single phase input and single phase output); from 10kVA 1/1 and from 10kVA to 20kVA 3/1 (3/1 stands for three phase input and single phase output).

The DSP Control System provides both the pure sinewave at the output and the perfect sinewave to input current, the advance DSP technology also provides user-friendly operation and access to system information and the unit configuration via a full features LCD Display. It has dual internal communications bus.

One of the best upgrade characteristic is wide input voltage range, with PF 0,8 for 13kVA size and 0.9 for 620kVA

Livid is very flexible: it can be setup via front panel in online, ecomode and voltage/frequency converter mode, and the possibility of remote emergency power off with EPO connector. For increasing power capacity or making redundant system, the Livid series can be installed easily for operation in parallel up to 4 units, for 620kVA sizes. The standard autonomy time is extendable by external battery cabinet and an optional bigger changer can be installed to allow shorter recharging time. Mechanical maintenance bypass, is standard for 620kVA sizes; as option is possible to install internal insulation transformer.

Livid-10K-31 and Livid-20K-31 are input voltage autosensing (3ph or 1ph), building in large cabinet suitable for more internal battery strings, also with dual inputs with separate bypass line as standard.

The Livid is shipped with monitoring software as standard; several communication interfaces are available in slot as option: SNMP/WEB card to connect by LAN/internet, dry-contact card and RS485 interface, and USB/RS232 ports both available for size 6-20kVA. The software allows the control of the UPS and graceful shutdown when the Utility Power fails.
  Technical Features
  • Untitled Document DSP technology fully controlled
  • PWM Technology with IGBTs
  • User's friendly LCD Display
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Communication Ports Selectable: Smart RS485, Intelligent Slot for AS400 and SNMP Card, USB/RS232 ports both available for 620kVA sizes
  • Cold Start Function
  • Remote EPO Control
  • Back-feed protection
  • Self monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Maintenance Bypass switch (620kVA)
  • Two-Step Intelligent Charging Mode
  • Parallel Configuration (620kVA)
  • Extendable Backup Time
  • Input autosensing 13ph or 1ph (10-20kVA)tabmenu
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