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With pure sine wave output waveform, KI Series 1-5kVA Series offers perfect power protection for sensitive equipment. It provides comprehensive LCD display for users to monitor the power status. With powerful protection, it secures your data loss from power failure, surge, and sags.
  Technical Features
  • Digital technology, intelligent MCU control
  • Intelligent and special battery charger
  • LCD display, friendly man-machine interface
  • Comprehensive equipment protection function
  • Intelligent battery management and cold start function
  • Reliable online interactive design with output transformer
  Main Features
  • Pure sine wave output, precision up to 2%.
  • Intelligent regulation system on utility power voltage
  • trong overloading ability
  • Big charge current available , max up to 30A
  • Battery cold start automatically and restart automatically in normal status
  • build-in input and battery breakers
  • Intelligent RS232 communication port
  • UPS management software(optional)
  • External SNMP adaptor or USB or dry contactor(optional)
  • External battery bank(optional)
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