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The ExPS8000 Power System is expecially designed to supply Telecommunications Apparatus. It combines the most advanced technical performances with the maximum of exibility.

Its innovative concept permits to include in the same cabinet the Telecom Equipments, the DC power supply, the AC power supply and the Battery set for the requested back up time. The Power System can be used to supply DC loads AC loads sharing the power depending on load. The battery module can be easily divided from the cabinet to optimize the logistic of the site installation.

If requested, the Telecom equipment can be allocated in an other cabinet and the power system can increase the total power in DC and AC. The back up time can also be increased with additional battery modules. Microprocessor controller permits a complete control of the functional parameters.

The high performances of rectifiers and inverters modules ensure the best quality to supply the Tlc Apparatus. The result is an electrical and _exible use that allows the ExPS8000 to satisfy different request of the Tlc Centers.
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