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With pure sine wave output waveform, DP Series 3-20kVA Series offers perfect power protection for sensitive equipment. It provides comprehensive LCD display for users to monitor the power status. With powerful protection, it secures your data loss from power failure, surge, and sags.
  Technical Features
  • True online UPS with pure sine wave output, adopting double conversion online GBT technology is a compact size, low noise and durable goods.
  • LCD display, choosing switch to refer to the UPS working conditions: Battery status, input/output voltage, input/output frequency, battery voltage, output power etc important specification.
  • Input voltage range is very wide and able to work on the full load with 25% voltage changing, reducing the battery discharging to prolong the battery life.
  • Charging current is adjustable from 1A to 10A to meet the requirement of long time charging of the power system.
  • Special static switch design and UPS turns to bypass in 2 milliseconds when main fails.
  • Strong load capability, overload 125%, turns to bypass after working 60 seconds online and restarts when overload removes.
  • Short circuit protection avoids damaging the UPS caused by the short circuit of the load. Temperature control protection sets internal temperature to protect the components life. Besides, battery low voltage, output low voltage, and overload etc protections are provided.
  • Strong startup function with load, being able to turn on directly on battery mode and providing power supply.
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