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With true double-conversion design, D series provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. It can accept wider input voltage for harsh environment. It's perfect protection for your precious servers and workstations.
  Technical Features
  • Sine wave output: Whether on the main mode or on the battery mode, the UPS will provide pure sine wave as the best power support for the load.
  • Zero Transfer : When the utility fails or resumes, the UPS transfer time between the utility mode and battery mode is zero, which ensures the reliability for the load operation.
  • Bypass Output Rationalization: On the bypass mode, other brand UPS can not protect the load, while Digital Series can provide stable output voltage on the bypass mode, which makes the load more safely.
  • TVSS Function: Transient Voltage Surge Suppress is used for fax, telephone, and modem.
  • DC Startup Function: When the utility fails, Digital Series UPS can turn on the UPS on the battery mode and startup the pc or other load devices, which makes UPS more convenient and reliable.
  • Bypass Protection Function: When the UPS provides the power on the bypass mode, the UPS emergency ability has been improved largely, meanwhile, when the load has particular requirement on the power, just like the voltage can not be too high, Digital Series UPS has the high voltage protection on the bypass mode, which can avoid the load from the high voltage danger.
  • Long Backup Time Design: Installing the suitable battery group can prolong the backup time to 8 hours to meet the need of different main environment.
  • Digital series is not only with the longer discharging time, but also with the strong recharge ability to provide initial charging current to 3-4A.
  • Self Test Function: Digital Series UPS can simulate the main failure condition and come to battery mode, which function can be achieved by pressing the self test button on the front panel at any time, or using the monitor software to test termly or aperiodically.
  • Match generator: With the wide input voltage and frequency range, Digital Series UPS can be connected to generator, which will prolong the working time, meanwhile, the UPS can get rid of the impure electric power produced by the generator and provide the load with safe and stable power.
  • Digital Series UPS can be connected to Sensitive load (pf=0.9)
  • Monitor Software: To manage the UPS more conveniently and efficiently, the users can get the monitor software together with the UPS to achieve intelligent management.
  • Digital Series UPS installs one intelligent slot. Users can get the SNMP card (optional) to achieve the concentrative monitor and remote monitor functions.
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