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Cript UPS is the most advanced redundant power protection solution.

Cript UPS is a scalable single phase and three-phase with double-conversion uninterruptible power supply which is specially designed to meet the demands of corporation. It can be configured to parallel redundancy which provides the maximum reliability and delivers power output per modules from 4KVA to 24KVA. For a unique parallel capacity system, adding an extra UPS modules upgraded the load capacity for longer fun-times or to add N+X parallel redundancy as well.

A configuration includes LCD display module, optional battery charger module, with up to six UPS power modules that each module is operating independently. If any one UPS power module fails, the load is instantaneously redistributed among the remaining UPS power modules, and the defective UPS power module is automatically taken off-line from the system. It also provides easy setup and optional external battery bank to upgrade battery runtime. That gives our customers increased flexibility and reliability to maximum the power, and it is very cost-effective to upgrade the system without large investment. In the market, the other parallel solutions now cost a fortune.
  Technical Features
  • Modules are available 4KVA, 8KVA, 12KVA, 16KVA, 20KVA, 24KVA
  • N + X parallel redundancy is achieved by adding extra control, power and battery modules
  • Digital Signal Processor & Pure Sine wave output design with multiple communication ports increasing the flexibility, functionality and reliability
  • With scalable on-line three phase or single phase input and Single phase output
  • Modular design with hot swappable modules & 19" rack mount design
  • LCD Display Design
  • Compact & Light Weight with Screwless Design
  • Additional External Battery Pack
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