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With pure sine wave output waveform, A Series 1-3kVA Line Interactive UPS offers perfect power protection for sensitive equipment. It provides comprehensive LCD display for users to monitor the power status. With powerful protection, it secures your data loss from power failure, surge, and sags.
  Basic Features
  • Outstanding reliability: Excellent line-interactive design, large batch production and continuously improved quality result in the high reliability of A-Smart UPS. Its annual average faulty rate is less than 3%.
  • High performance power management: The data are more valuable than the computer itself 3 months after it is purchased, especially network files servers. All the valuable date will be lost immediately if power stops, and the saved data will be possibly destroyed too. The best choice to save the data well and improve the productivity is to be provided with A-Smart UPS.
  Main Features
  • Intelligent battery management system-prolong the battery life
  • Sine wave output is suitable for sensitive load
  • The Sine wave output can ensure the compatibility with all loads.
  • SNMP accessory slot completely supervises UPS networks management according to your demand.
  • A-Smart UPS includes SNMP slot that can install internal SNMP card(optional) for upgrade A-Smart UPS management of network.
  • Line-interactive design has the amazing functions and reliability
  • User-Friendly online hot-swap battery replacement system
  • Lighting and surge protection shields hardware
  • Non-stop EMI/RFI filters prevent errors from line noise without the need for additional external conditioners.
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