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  eximpower products are distributed through select suppliers to maintain a high level of personal service. Our distributors will ensure that you always get the system best suited to your needs, for the best price and as quickly as possible.
We spare no effort in support of our distributors. Our guiding principle is to work hard in providing all the necessary backing so that our distributors may concentrate their effort on serving their market. As part of this philosophy eximpower continuously invests in improving and expanding its product range, alongside providing our distributors with extensive technical and sales support. This support includes

-extensive product specification sheets,
-brochures and other promotional material,
-along with monetary assistance for advertising,
-trade exhibitions. 

Moreover eximpower offers many different compensation schemes to reward and support distributors who have been successful in establishing themselves as leaders within their own national market.
The power supply industry is one of long-term goals. We sincerely invite all companies who share our philosophy to join the ranks of our worldwide distribution network, and let eximpower become your long-term reliable power partner.